The digital landscape of web design expands and progresses ever so frequently that keeping up with the ongoing trends, advancements and developments can be slightly overwhelming. Fret not, we are here to guide you to keep up with the curve, and even stay ahead of it.

Web trends tend to change every year, sometimes even more frequently. However, it’s our job as an expert web design and development agency to stay on top of our game by setting up a good direction. 2024 is already half gone so improve your skills in designing visually appealing yet smooth-functioning websites with us!

Let us delve into the 3 most top-trending web design and development trends of 2024 that you should understand, learn and incorporate into your web designing strategy: minimalism, micro-interactions and dark mode.

1. Minimalism

No doubt, minimalism is a classic concept in the world of web design. It requires talent and a set of amazing web designing skills to create a website that’s fully functional, and aesthetically pleasing yet minimalist.

Some designers even defy the definition of minimalism and go for extreme minimalism, showcasing just the bare minimum. This trend is great for a simple yet efficient user experience and guarantees smooth page load times.

Minimalism allows no space for clutter giving a very clean, polished and professional look to the overall website. It also makes the idea and purpose behind the product, brand or service hyper-clear, consequently, not causing any distractions for the viewers. Minimalist sites draw the attention of users to focus on the content attentively and solely.

Moreover, minimalism tends to leave a positive impact on the user experience by prioritizing the fundamentals and letting go of the unnecessary fluff. Also, it has been known to speed up the website’s performance.

2. Micro Interactions

Upon visiting a website, you may notice smooth and specific movements and functional animations. These are known as micro-interactions and their purpose is to give users a fun yet engaging way to connect and interact with the site.

The micro-interactions appear as animated effects which can be colourful to attract the attention of users, notification pop-ups, floating bars and items, carousels, small video tutorials on the side and so forth.

Also, the micro-interaction can be a moving toggle button or an animated button. Either way, these web design elements are meant to be responsive to user activities, give visual feedback, guide users and elevate the user experience into a more fun, easy browsing and captivating one.

Lastly, to understand micro-interactions to implement them on your client’s site, remember they are divided into four major components: trigger, rule, feedback, and loops/modes. Web designers must take note of all the components when implementing micro-interactions in web designs for an overall fulfilling user experience and overcrowding the site with unnecessary micro-interactions.

3. Dark Mode

Dark mode isn’t relatively a new trend but lately, users have been opting for it far more than in previous years. Some users are as serious as never going back from the dark mode settings on their devices! This proves why dark mode is one of the leading web design trends of 2024.

Similarly, many sites now have a toggle button to turn the site settings to dark mode as many modern users prefer the layout and design of a site in the dark mode.

Apart from bringing ease to the eyes as compared to the harsher light mode, there are other advantages of dark mode web settings such as the contrast between the web page content and background is widely known to come out as more professional looking. It also gives the site a uniform interface.

Adding to that, dark mode tends to save the battery settings of your device as well. Research suggests that opting for dark mode saves battery life compared to using light mode. Dark mode setting also elevates visibility in low-light settings providing a more calming experience.

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