TikTok has proved its immense potential in marketing since its launch in 2016. It’s the fastest-growing social media platform thus far, making it one of the most massive social media application launches as well.

We are here to convince you to opt for TikTok’s social media marketing strategy if you haven’t already! First, you need to understand the marketing platform of TikTok.

Understanding the TikTok Marketing Platform

TikTok marketing essentially is using the social media platform of TikTok and its tools and video content to promote your product, brand or services. The short-form video content is highly popular as a strategic marketing tool. It also helps in building your online presence that’s engaging and allows users to view your product in a fun yet effective way.

Hence why marketers are drawn to the popular application since it showcases creative skills and the possibility of collaborations amongst the young audience which are one of the key social media trends of 2024.

Additionally, the fast-moving nature of TikTok engages users for a relatively longer period on the app as compared to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Threads. Given its high popularity and functionality, that’s understandable!

Let’s get into how staying longer on TikTok is advantageous as a marketing tool.

The Workings of TikTok

The TikTok algorithm allows users to discover videos through the use of hashtags and the type of content they watch on the app. The app shows more of what viewers watch so they stay on the app longer. Hence it is important to use trendy and related hashtags to target your audience to achieve the full potential of TikTok marketing.

Moving to how the TikTok algorithm works. When a user logs into their account they come across a For You page which curates the home feed of each user according to their likes and view history. The For You page allows you to find new content creators to follow and trending videos and audio.

TikTok algorithm individually curates content depending on the following factors:

  • The account and device settings: including the device model, language and country of origin.
  • The information gathered through the videos: genre, sounds, hashtags and captions.
  • User interaction gathered by the algorithm: the kinds of videos you interact with, the accounts you follow and the accounts and people you engage with.

Your content has higher chances of going viral within the TikTok community simultaneously bringing in traffic to your site ensuring a growing audience and welcoming sales for your products building your business.

Luckily, the content ideas trending on TikTok comprise dance challenges, trendy lip-sync videos, pranks, and creative transitions and they all spread like wildfire. As a result of creativity freedom on the platform, it’s moderately easy to achieve visibility if you opt for a popular hashtag or a trending sound.

If you need further guidance, contact us at DesignMaze to build something awesome together with the help of TikTok marketing. Our team is here to help you!

TikTik Marketing Strategy Tools

TikTok is not merely an app for young audiences and creators to enjoy dance trends, makeup transitions or have a laugh over prank videos, it is so much more. It has strategic tools that can be optimized for marketing.

If you wish to reach a wider audience through TikTok to promote your product or services, assign an amount of your social media advertising budget to TikTok ads. The cost for these ads is based on bidding. The process is quite simple, choose your target audience, create a fun yet informative video and promote it according to your daily or lifetime specified budget.

One other way to be on top of the TikTok marketing game is to get familiar with the live-streaming feature of the app. It allows the users to interact with the brand and get up and close, it creates stronger communication and loyalty among customers.

Also, live videos more often appear on the For You page of viewers so they can engagae by sending stickers and other gifts through live videos. These count as one of the monetization benefits as your brand can add TikTok Live as an additional revenue stream if the videos gain sizeable popularity.

Moreover, another popular TikTok marketing tool to get on board with is to work with influencers/TikTokers. There’s a wide range of content creators that collaborate with brands and businesses to create fun, engaging yet informational video content. The idea behind this is to spread the word around in a more casual yet captivating way that provides brands with user-generated content to share on their own social media.

Whether you choose to send your products to influencers, collaborate in a video with them or partner on a new product line, it is best to be highly strategic as the competition is tough out there. Choose wisely who you partner with based on the location, language, style of content how it can represent your brand accurately and the demographics of the audience you want to attract.


There’s no need now to think or wait to create your TikTok presence using our guidelines. Make your own TikTok business account, experiment with creating videos and content by remembering to be fun yet engaging and wait for TikTok to do its magic!

You can learn more about marketing campaigns and strategies to grow your business, attract a wider audience and connect with your customers, contact us and our expert team is ready to help you.